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Resolution Funding specializes in purchase loans and refinancing mortgage loans throughout California and offers a wealth of experience and helpful tools to assist any prospective or current real estate owner realize their dreams.

Located in Encinitas, just north of San Diego, Resolution Funding, Inc. serves the needs of not only the San Diego county real estate market but the entire state of California as well.  Our refinancing, loan, and mortgage experts work tirelessly for our clients and Resolution Funding is dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the financing they need at great rates, no matter what type of property they have or are looking to buy.

How can Resolution Funding help you?
     •    Home/Mortgage Loans (see loan programs below)
     •    Purchase Loans
     •    Refinancing
     •    Cash-Out Equity
     •    Expert Real Estate Services (by licensed REALTORS)
     •    Commercial Loans and Properties
Loan programs we specialize in:
     •    Conforming Loans
     •    FHA Loans
     •    VA Loans
     •    Jumbo Loans
     •    Construction Loans
     •    Commercial Loans
     •    Custom Terms Loans
     •    HARP Loans
     •    USDA Loans
     •    Delayed Financing Loans

Take a moment to browse our site and view the available home loan programs that we would be happy to assist you with.  If you'd like to fill out a loan application, feel free to do so or contact us at any time if you have questions or need any assistance.  We guide our clients through the sometimes hard-to-navigate process of refinancing and purchase loans and we look forward to making your real estate goals a reality.  

Thank you again for visiting our website!  Whether you're purchasing your first home, financing a commercial real estate project, consolidating high-interest debt, or cashing out equity to use toward a vacation, home improvements, or even college tuition, you've reached the right destination.  We are your California mortgage lender with the loan options to meet your needs and we're glad you found us.  Contact Resolution Funding today and experience a new level of personalized service!